How To Remove A Car Lock

It is thanks to the locks on our car doors that we can casually enjoy leaving our vehicles unattended as we go about our regular everyday activities; they operate to lock and unlock with the help of your vehicle’s remote fob or ignition key.

You can find these components integrated into your car’s door handles, fastened to a system composed of metal control rods that are connected to the door’s inner handle and latch, responsible for keeping your door closed.

However, when a car door lock starts to malfunction due to wear and tear or other complications, you begin to lose the sense of security that a fully functional car lock guarantees, and you will want to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Regardless of what reason your car door lock (also known as a lock cylinder) requires replacement for, you will want to contact a reliable and licensed professional to take the task on for you.

Any car locksmith at Auto Run Locksmith should have all the necessary equipment, experience, and knowledge on how to remove a car lock, so give us a call for any car key and lock needs and we will be glad to delight you with our services!

If you would like to be familiar with the process that takes place when an auto locksmith tackles car lock replacement, read further down for information on how to remove a car lock.

Completely raise the glass window panel.

Of course, this only needs to be done on the specific door that your lock in need of replacement is on.

After raising your window panel fully, the manual window crank handle (provided that your car model comes with one) will then be detached by the insertion of a tool for window crank removal in between the door panels and the crank–or by unfastening the screw keeping the handle secured to the regulator shaft at its base.

Take out the screws.

Next, all screws that keep the door panel and armrest connected to each other must be removed in order to then be able to detach the armrest.

After all those screws have been taken out, proceed to unscrew any other bare screws that are still holding the upholstered inner door panel and steel door frame together.

Take off the interior door panel.

Some interior door panels will have plastic clips that keep them fastened to the door frame, and they are not usually visible at first glance.

To locate and remove these concealed plastic clips, a flat-blade screwdriver should be inserted into the middle of the door frame and the door panel, and then slid through the door panel’s perimeter until it comes into contact with them one by one.

Upon contact with each of these plastic clips, you will then have to directly pull the screwdriver out in order to detach them.

This process is then repeated across the whole of the door panel until all the hidden clips are successfully disengaged.

Find the door lock cylinder.

This component can be located on the exterior side of the door handle, and once this has been found, the actuating rod will need to be removed from it.

It is common with most cars to also have to detach a little steel clip from the door lock cylinder in addition to disconnecting the actuating rod from it.

Extract the steel nut or clip that fastens the lock cylinder to the car door.

After doing this, the lock cylinder should be all ready for removal; simply slide it out of the door’s mounting hole and your mobile locksmith should smoothly be able to continue with the rest of the replacement job.

Give Auto Run Locksmith a call!

Do you need professional help from someone who can both remove your car lock and repair or replace it for you?

Well, our team at Auto Run Locksmith specializes in just about all things that have to do with car locks and car keys.

We would love to work with you if you ever find yourself in need of a licensed locksmith in Vaughan that delivers, so contact us anytime and any day!

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