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As silly of a mistake as it seems, accidentally locking your car key on the inside of its designated vehicle can happen to just about anybody.

It’s easy to start panicking, especially on busier days when you’ve got things to do, places to be, and don’t have a spare key.

Realistically, locking your keys in your car isn’t often the quickest problem to fix, which means you might have to miss out on one or a few important errands for the day–that doesn’t mean the problem-solving process has to be complicated.

Before we get to anything else, do keep in mind that there is always a locksmith in Vaughan that can help you with this dilemma: Auto Run Locksmith.

Are you wondering what the most convenient first step to take is if you’ve locked your keys in your car? Call us now!

However, if you are looking for a more detailed list of suggestions, here are some things you might want to know when locking your keys in your car.

Assess whether or not your situation is an emergency.

As mentioned earlier, this problem isn’t exactly the kind that can be solved in an instant, thus expecting to get things done in a rush could only lead to frustration.

In cases of emergencies, though, (for example: you have a child or pet locked inside the vehicle along with the key) you might need to dial 911 for immediate assistance.

If it looks as though you will not be able to get external help soon enough, you may have to resort to breaking whichever window is the furthest away from any passengers still inside the car.

Do note that if you can get your hands on tape before doing so, use it to cover as much of the window’s outer surface as possible in order to prevent excessive shattering upon breakage.

Try other methods for less critical situations.

While this may not seem like it can do much, simply double-checking all your doors before turning to any other drastic solutions can turn out to be a greatly indestructive help.

Every now and then, people do find that a weak lock on one door is enough to give them access to the inside of the vehicle.

Otherwise, should you find that all doors are indeed securely locked, contact your area’s police or fire department and ask if any of their services can help you out.

Additionally, if you have certain insurance benefits or are already paying for connection to a roadside assistance organization, you can go ahead and call them as, naturally, they should be a reliable way out.

Of course, don’t forget about what magic a car locksmith can accomplish; our professionally experienced and equipped team at Auto Run Locksmith will always be eager to help out with any car key issues.

Locked your keys in your car? Call us now!

Keep the problem from escalating even before it happens.

At the end of the day, no one wants to have to deal with the stress that locking your keys in your car can bring.

There are precautionary measures you can prepare in advance to mitigate the headache that comes with this issue should it ever happen to you.

One doable way to avoid panic and excessive expenses is to have a spare key that you can keep somewhere, or with someone that you know it will be both safe in and always within easy access.

Some people opt to purchase magnetic keyholders that they attach to a concealed area on the outer body of their car, but this device may fall short in terms of guaranteed security; you’ll want to be extra careful about theft, as well as how secured the box actually is to your vehicle.

For better reassurance, you might actually prefer to entrust your spare key into the hands of someone you know will keep it where it needs to be, and can hand it over to you whenever you need it.

Or, if even that seems like too much of a gamble, simply stash your spare key anywhere that you can be sure it won’t get misplaced.

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