Replacing Key Fobs Explained

Having any issues with your car key at all is no fun; we need our vehicles to get ourselves to places, but even more importantly, we need our keys to actually access and make use of them.

It’s a good thing you can always rely on an auto locksmith to attend to a wide variety of your car key needs, from minor concerns to emergency situations.

Key fobs malfunctioning, dying, and getting lost or broken are common setbacks that automobile owners face time and time again, and we can help you figure out just what to do about them!

Our team at Auto Run Locksmith understands deeply that the quality and state of a car key directly affects the convenience of one’s experience with their vehicle, which is why we are dedicated to hearing out and solving whatever issues on the matter our customers may approach us with.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable locksmith in Vaughan to professionally examine and handle your car key problems, get in touch with us whenever!

If, before giving us a call, you would first like the process of replacing key fobs explained, carry on reading for any of the answers you might be looking for!

What to do when you’ve lost your key fob:

If your key fob is missing and you are certain that there is no chance of you ever coming across it again, you will most likely need to have it replaced.

Unfortunately, despite key fob replacement being a fairly simple process, this fix does not come cheap, and that is due to a number of reasons.

Key fob replacements tend to cost a lot as a fact that is not exactly common knowledge amongst drivers is that a lot of electronic keys do have a regular mechanical key that comes with them.

Because of this, replacements for key fobs will require the cutting of a physical key, as well as electronic programming to be able to match the device with its designated vehicle.

Broadly, the cost for replacement ranges from $200 – $350, but this will mostly depend on what type of key you have, say a standard or smart type.

Do note, considering that vehicles generally come with two keys, if you happen to have lost both of yours, a dealership will have no remaining template to create a new duplicate key out of, meaning they will likely have to charge you double (or more).

What to do when your key fob breaks:

In the case that it is only the standard physical key housed in your fob that has broken, you may be pleased to learn that it does not cost too much to get a new one cut.

Get in touch with us at Auto Run Locksmith for any key-cutting services you may need, we will always be eager to serve you.

Furthermore, if only certain parts of your key fob have been damaged, there are replacement parts you can purchase at dealerships and other locations for varying prices.

However, if your key fob’s electronic system has been significantly damaged by whatever means, you might be looking at a costly full replacement.

What to do when your key fob’s battery is dead:

Fortunately, this circumstance only requires you to switch batteries out, which you can do yourself and is nowhere near as expensive as complete key fob replacement.

If your fob has a mechanical key encased in it, you can make use of the slot meant specifically to help you pry the key fob case open–if yours doesn’t come with a physical key, this should still be no trouble to accomplish.

Once you have the casing opened, you will notice a small circuit board which you can turn over to access its battery.

Generally, CR2032 batteries are most widely used with key fobs; these are quite easy to come across both online and in physical stores, and will not hurt your pockets to a great extent.

We do hope this has helped get replacing key fobs explained to you!

Call up Auto Run Locksmith for any concerns about your key fobs and we will help you to the best of our abilities!

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