Spare Key Production

Keeping a spare key or two can be helpful for many reasons.

For example, should your original key start malfunctioning for whatever reason, or if you simply end up losing it, you can replace it almost instantly with your extra.

That said, if you don’t own a spare key yet, it’s probably wise that you set time aside to have one made.

In general, keys consist of a nickel-brass or brass mixture, and so are the pins in a lock; just like anything, pins and keys suffer the effects of wear and tear over time.

To save yourself the hassle of rushing to get a duplicate when you begin to realize your main key is no longer at top performance–or that it’s suddenly nowhere to be found–you’d best get a spare (or spares) made ahead of time.

In order to ensure yourself a smooth-sailing experience when going to get your spare key made by your local auto locksmith, you’ll want to do a little research on spare key production.

Know the process of key duplication.

Spare key production is made possible with the use of a machine known as a key duplicator, which cuts keys into shape.

To create a copy, an original key gets put into a vice on one side of the machine alongside a cutting tool, and on the other side, nearest to the alignment tool, a blank key is placed.

The cutting tool (blade) is set to be even with the metal alignment tool.

Likewise, the key duplicator’s alignment bar, also called the key guide, is what keeps the original and blank keys in alignment with each other.

Once everything’s in place, the machine is switched on to allow the cutting tool to cut into the blank key as it moves horizontally with the original key (which serves as the template) across the machine.

To finish off the new spare, the lock tech sands the key off to smoothen any rough edges, and then it’s done!

Keep in mind these other essentials.

It is vital that the right key blank is selected for your spare key production; there is a vast array of different blank types available, and an experienced car locksmith should be able to pick out the one most like your original.

Also bear in mind that it is most ideal to use only your original key when having a copy made, as keys must be decoded prior to the cutting of any copies, thus it is not advisable to attempt to have a duplicate made out of just another spare.

This is often a concern for those who need a spare key because they have already lost their original; in this case, know that it’s not impossible to have a duplicate made without the original, but you will absolutely need the help of a professional locksmith with a code cutter.

Nonetheless, it still is not recommended that you wait until you lose your main key before you ever bother having a copy made.

As already advised, for utmost preparedness and convenience, you’d best have your spare keys made before you even need them.

Professional locksmiths should be able to complete the duplication of a standard key in no more than a few minutes, but more complex modules may take up to 25 or longer.

Overall, the amount of time it will take to get a spare key made will also depend on where you get it done.

To ensure that you get a properly calibrated duplicate key, you might want to avoid unprofessional services that aren’t carried out by specialists.

You’re likely to find the most satisfying and durable end products with the help of a good lock technician who knows what they’re doing and executes their work with precision.

Reach out to Auto Run Locksmith for any key needs!

Anyone searching for a trustworthy locksmith in Vaughan is in luck, because our skilled team at Auto Run Locksmith is always eager to serve the community by meeting our customers’ needs.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries or requests relating to keys and we will let you know what we can and would love to do for you.

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