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Ever so often, the unexpected happens.

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Leaving your key or forgetting your key could be quite frustrating but what is even more interesting is when the key breaks inside.

Although not that common, these things do happen.

The key itself is very durable.

There are, however, a lot of reasons why something like this might happen.

Before we talk about broken car key extraction services, let’s talk more about how keys break.

Although a car key is naturally strong, it could still break under certain circumstances.

Breaking your car keys outside of your car door is an easy fix since you can have it replaced.

For car keys that break inside the door itself, we advise you to call an auto locksmith to take care of your problem for you.

While some people like to do DIY repairs, this is not recommended especially when it comes to car keys.

A car key can break due to unexpected reasons.

The first reason is quite obvious.

Generally, if the key is old and rusty, this increases the chances of this break.

Car keys are usually made out of metal and although metal is pretty sturdy, it does have its weaknesses

It is important to keep the car key outside of the pocket to avoid it getting old and increasing the chances of it breaking.

Keys inside the pocket are exposed to sweat which could potentially speed up the rusting process.

You could probably wipe your key whenever you are looking for the key to avoid the chances of it rusting.

The second reason is that the key is not used properly.

Some people harshly plunge their keys into the keyhole and give it a harsh turn.

If you already have an old and rusty key and keep on turning it harshly, your key is bound to break.

Whenever this happens, it is important to call a car locksmith to take care of the problem.

The difference between doing the key extraction yourself and calling a mobile locksmith is that a mobile locksmith has the right tools to extract the key without damaging anything else.

Sometimes when people try to extract the key themselves, they end up doing damage to other parts of the key hole.

The key being damaged is one thing, but the keyhole being damaged is a whole different thing altogether.

When calling a professional locksmith in Vaughan, you are not only someone to help you get your key but also to make sure your keyhole isn’t damaged.

Unlike doors, damaged car keyholes can be quite hard to handle.

We at Auto Run Locksmith can not only extract, we can also repair whatever damages might have happened.

Getting the key out of the keyhole.

When getting the key out of the keyhole, it is very important to not use any objects that could cause more damage.

In no particular situation should you use a metal pin or other metal objects to try and pull the key out.

Locks are complicated mechanisms and if the pin breaks down inside, the particles could cause even more malfunction.

When you use a pin, you are also risking scratching and bending the inside parts of a keyhole.

When you bend certain parts inside the keyhole, this could cause further problems.

The bent insides of a keyhole could cause either the key to not come out or the keyhole not functioning anymore.

We strongly advise against trying to get the key yourself.

Broken key extraction services is one thing that Auto Run Locksmith specializes in.

This problem is quite common for us and we can fix the problem in a very short amount of time.

Never hesitate to call a car auto locksmith professional.

When in this sort of sticky situation, call a locksmith in Vaughan.

No matter where you might be, our mobile locksmith will go to you to solve the problem.

We have been in this business for quite a while and have done numerous key extractions.

Auto Run Locksmith has developed a system where the extraction, inspection, and even repairs can be done quickly.

We want our clients to be on the go in no time and this is why we focus not only on skill but also on speed.

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