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Having a broken trunk door can be very annoying.

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This wouldn’t really be a problem if you didn’t have much stuff to carry.

However, let’s say you’re going on a trip or constantly need to bring a lot of stuff, carrying them inside can be very inconvenient.

Not only is it inconvenient, the passenger section of the car is meant to carry people and not really certain items.

If you need to carry something big, rough, and might have sharp edges, carrying it in the passenger’s seat is a bad idea.

Carrying too many things inside the passenger area could potentially ruin the interior.

If you put heavy things on the leather passenger seat, the leather might rub and damage the leather.

There are certain things that can be carried inside just in case you might need a car trunk opening but can’t get one as of the moment.

Although you can call an auto locksmith at any time, sometimes it might be too inconvenient and you’ll just have to do so later.

This is completely understandable.

We at Auto Run Locksmith have seen this problem happen so many times.

This is why it is important to know what you should and shouldn’t bring inside.

What shouldn’t you put in your passenger seat?

If you don’t want to damage your interior, it is important to only bring things that won’t damage it.

Fixing the interior of a car can be quite expensive.

Due to this reason, it might be better for you to not bring things that can damage it.

The first thing to avoid is things that are small but heavy.

If you can’t put a seatbelt on, these small but heavy items will randomly throw themselves around the car potentially damaging whatever they hit.

It is also important to never bring sharp objects especially inside the car.

Whenever you need to bring sharp objects, make sure to wrap them properly and that they are held inside properly.

Also, avoid bringing wood inside since it can be very messy and possibly scratch certain places inside the car.

If you need to bring any of these things, maybe try wrapping them first before putting them inside.

You might also want to have some rope if the seatbelts can’t hold them properly.

What to do if you can’t open your trunk.

There could be a number of reasons why you can’t open your trunk.

Before calling a car locksmith for help, try looking at your key first.

Try out your key in the driver seat or passenger seat.

If the key works fine, this means that the car trunk opening problem is with the trunk itself.

If the trunk’s door is broken, this is the time to call a locksmith in Vaughan to help you open your trunk.

Some cars actually have a button that will help them open their trunks.

The button is usually located near the steering wheel.

Try to check the slanted part under your steering wheel for buttons.

Sometimes, it is located near the radio or where the air conditioner is.

Basically, try checking out your car for a button that resembles an open trunk.

Make sure to check parts of your car where the button would most likely be located.

Different cars have different locations for buttons like the open trunk button.

If you can’t find any buttons, your car might not have this feature.

If you really can’t open your trunk, this is when you should call a mobile locksmith.

We Auto Run Locksmith knows where the problem is.

Instead of stressing yourself out, you can try to see if it is the key that is broken or if there is a button to open the trunk.

If there are none, call us and our mobile locksmith will check the problem right away.

You might find other locksmith in Vaughan that might not be able to solve the problem and this is where we come in.

Our auto locksmith are familiar with the different car models and how to open their trunks.

We also make sure to do so in a very safe manner not damaging any parts of the car in the process.

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