How To Remove A Broken Car Key

Cars, much like our homes, are essential in our everyday lives.

Especially for those who work all day, a vehicle is a friend that makes the workload and tasks much easier to carry out or do.

However, after a long time of use, a car key may snap or break inside the lock itself.

Whenever this scenario happens, it prevents the lock from being used until the owner is able to get the broken piece of the lock taken out.

If the car has been locked when the key snapped, the owner may not be able to open the car itself.

Moreover, a new key will be needed.

Good thing, however, that technology has advanced our methods and thinking.

The key to whether you can still get the car key out and open the vehicle has been found by technology.

As such, over the past years, makers of automotive vehicles have started to advance and equip cars as well as vehicles with things such as smart keys.

These keys have a microchip that is installed within them that allows the engine to start simply with a push of a single button.

Despite that, if you happen to lose the key and have not made any spare, you will have to go through lengths in order to get the key out.

Not to worry, of course, because there are methods that a car locksmith employs in order to get the key out.

Hence, here are some tips on how to remove a broken car key.

Make use of a key extractor

In order to do this, simply switch off the engine of the car and park it.

Then, after immediately breaking the key, ensure that the engine has been turned off and that the emergency brake has been activated.

After that, you will need to lubricate the lock.

Use a lubricant and spray throughout the lock cylinder.

Simply place the key extractor inside the lock.

Then, into the cylinder until the hook end has been pointed upwards.

After that has been done, just turn the tool.

You will know that you have successfully reached the rear of the lock cylinder when you feel it stop.

Then, carefully turn the tool toward the broken key.

After that, simply get the extractor out.

Then, carefully pull the tool in your direction and try to get ahold of the hook on the key’s tooth.

Once it has been hooked, try to pull the tool until a part of the key has been pulled out of the cylinder.

Try to pull the broken bits out until you are successful.

Finally, pull the broken key out.

After a part of the key has been pulled out, make use of some needle head pliers in order to pull the remaining parts out.

Utilize a jigsaw blade

For this to work, you will have to lubricate the lock first.

Then, simply spray the lock lubricant on the cylinder as well.

Then, insert the blade into the lock. Make use of the hand jigsaw blade and likewise insert it into the cylinder.

After that has been done, get the blade out.

Once the jigsaw has stopped sliding, you will know that it has reached the rear of the cylinder.

Then, gently turn the jigsaw blade in the direction of the key and attempt to get ahold of the blades located on the tooth of the key.

Carefully pull the blade out of the lock afterward.

Finally, get the broken out.

After a small part of the key has emerged from the cylinder, utilize the needle-nose pliers in order to pull the key out entirely.

Call a Locksmith

Simply knowing how to remove a broken car key is not enough.

You need precision and enough experience in order to pull the job off.

An auto locksmith or a car locksmith can easily help you with that.

At Auto Run Locksmith, we make sure that you are well assisted and cared for.

As an auto locksmith company, we are professionals who are well-experienced in the area and can offer you various services involving your locks and cars.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us in times of need!

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