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Having your key stuck inside your ignition is something that nobody wants to experience.

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A stuck key in the ignition, however, is quite common.

The only cars that don’t contain risks of keys getting stuck in them are cars that no longer use keys anymore.

That type of technology, however, does have its setbacks as well.

The good thing about a key is that they usually come with spares.

If your key gets lost or broken, given it doesn’t break inside a keyhole, you can easily use the spare key.

Getting your key stuck in your ignition would give you two options.

Either you try to fix the problem yourself or call for an auto locksmith to help you out.

Although some people have been able to navigate through this problem, this is not always the case.

How can you tell if your key is really locked?

Before calling for a car locksmith, you might want to check if your key is really locked in.

There are instances where the key isn’t really locked in and the owner just panics.

Before calling for professional help, try looking at the key closely.

Check if the key is crooked.

Crooked keys can actually affect the way they are turned.

If the key is crooked, try turning it with the orientation of the key itself.

This means if the key is bent to the left, position your hand a little to the left to turn the key along with its crookedness.

If your car is indeed crooked and does not seem to turn, there could be another thing you could try before calling for help.

The second thing you can do is to push the car key with just enough force.

Some keyholes have an initial push out and when you push them in, they will turn much easier.

Try pushing a little bit and turning your key slowly.

It is important to not put too much force in turning your key.

If you twist your key too fast and too harshly, you could risk breaking your key inside the keyhole.

A broken key inside the keyhole leads to a whole different problem.

You can try to unlock the car key manually but be careful.

Although this third option is risky, it could be a way for you to unlock your key.

Make sure to not overdo this since it could damage your ignition key switch if you do.

First, make sure you are holding the key properly.

Once again, if the key is crooked, hold the key slantly as well.

Try shaking the key up and down.

It is important to NOT shake the key left and right since this could damage the key even more.

Try shaking it up and down for just a couple of seconds.

The problem could actually be the car key not properly fixed inside.

Once you’ve tried this out, push the key inside the keyhole.

We don’t recommend doing this all the time.

Maybe try this technique once and if it still does not work, call a mobile locksmith.

The good thing about a locksmith in Vaughan is that they use actual tools instead of shaking the keyhole hoping the ignition will be unlocked.

Auto Run Locksmith uses the right tools with skilled auto locksmith in order to unlock the ignition.

When should you call Auto Run Locksmith?

Try the solutions mentioned a maximum of two times.

If nothing works, it is finally time to call a professional car locksmith.

Sometimes, the need for ignition unlocking is caused by the key not being inserted properly.

It is important, however, to not always try this method.

If the key is clearly stuck inside, it would be time to call a mobile locksmith to help you out.

Auto Run Locksmith uses unique tools to make sure not to damage your car, assess the actual problem, and fix it.

The problem with ignition unlocking is that the ignition is not fixed.

We make sure to do a thorough search to find the problem and fix it.

Once we’re done repairing your ignition, we are decreasing the chances of your key getting stuck inside for a second time around.

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