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Embarrassing moments happen to everyone.

Sometimes the need for a car key replacement happens during the most unexpected of times.

Usually, going back to the car manufacturer or the car dealer would be something that you might do.

However, sometimes, this just isn’t possible.

The problem with a broken key that needs a replacement is that it happens during the most unexpected of times.

Whenever these things happen, it is important to call for a professional mobile locksmith instead of trying to fix the problem yourself.

Of course, however, there could be a few things you could do to try and remedy the problem.

Try to look for a spare key

Usually when you buy a car, you are given a spare key.

Most of the time, the spare key is left somewhere in the house.

If you need a car key replacement and you’re at home, do not panic.

Simply go inside and look for the key.

It is important to not open the defective door, however, as the key might be lodged into the door even more.

Try getting to the drivers’ seat through the passenger’s seat.

If this isn’t possible, it would be better to call for a car locksmith instead of possibly damaging the door even more.

A car key replacement is actually pretty common and is nothing too hard to handle.

A skilled auto locksmith can easily replace the key but what you might need is a car locksmith that does the job fast as well.

The problem with most car key replacement situations is that they happen at the most unexpected locations.

Our mobile locksmith can go to wherever you are in order to help you with your key problems.

The digital key stopped working.

Modern cars don’t really use the traditional key anymore but instead make use of a digital key.

This, however, can pose a bigger problem when it stops working.

Most of the time, the car owner has to buy an extra digital key which means there are rarely spare keys left at home.

Although the initial course of action might be to go straight to the car dealer and order another key, this is not always an instant fix.

Sometimes the car dealer either does not have a key to sell to you or the key would take some time before it is programmed into your car.

What’s worse is that some car dealers are on a “per order” basis which means that they might not have available stock at the moment you would need a digital key the most.

The good thing about Auto Run Locksmith is that we are capable of handling the latest cars as well.

While other auto locksmith might be a bit old-school, we made sure to equip ourselves with the necessary skill and tools to deal with whatever situation is at hand.

When in a situation wherein your key doesn’t work, contact us right away.

Never try to use a wire to open your door.

This is a common thing seen in movies where thieves would pop open a car by using a wire through the window.

In no instance is this the right thing to do.

Using a wire is not only ineffective, it is also potentially very harmful to the car.

If the wire is wrongly pulled, it could even damage the inner wires of the car.

Although there is a very small chance of success, the risk is greater than the reward.

It would be better to call a car locksmith instead of trying to unlock the car with makeshift tools.

Some people might be able to pull this off but it is not worth the risk of damaging the car even more.

Don’t hesitate to call Auto Run Locksmith.

Whenever something is acting up with your car or whenever you need a car key replacement, call us!

Our skilled mobile locksmith are capable of dealing with any tough situations you might have.

From towing to basic services like a car key replacement, our team is skilled to do each task with focus and professionalism.

Our team will not only fix the problem, we will also fix the problem fast so you can be on your way.

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