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Let’s say you’re in a tight spot and need to duplicate your keys right away, we got you covered.

Some people do not understand the importance of having your keys duplicated during really critical moments.

We, however, totally understand and our trained auto locksmith can duplicate your key in no time.

What some people really need is automotive keys duplication on the go.

This is something we’ve specialized in and can do very well in a short amount of time.

We’ve found an increase in demand for people who might want key duplications without having to go all the way to their car dealer.

Sometimes, going to your car dealer is not an option as you might need a key replacement right away.

The problem with some car dealers is that they sometimes do not have spare keys to customize for your use.

There are also other times when car dealers sell keys on a “per order” basis.

For second hand cars, getting a key replacement from the car dealer can be quite hard.

Avoid the inconvenience and call our automotive key duplication services.

The key is broken and the spare key is nowhere to be found.

This is actually a pretty common problem and is nothing to be afraid of.

Auto Run Locksmith is equipped with the latest tools which can make a duplicate of your key in no time.

Our locksmith in Vaughan are well equipped to handle those types of situations.

Let’s say the key is broken, you can show us the key and we can have it replaced right away.

In no instance should the broken be used to open the car door.

The key might get stuck inside the car door which could cause bigger problems.

If the car key is broken, call us and we’ll come over to help fix the problem.

A car key is considered broken even if the shaft still looks like it can work but the head is broken.

In no instance should you try to insert the shaft in to open or even start the car.

If you’re in a hurry, it is still not a good idea to use the shaft to open the car.

You might be able to make automotive keys duplicate by tracing the shape of the key shaft onto a piece of metal.

However, this is not something we would advise because if the key comes out wrong, it could get stuck inside the car.

The key works but is crooked.

Although having a crooked key is quite okay, it could potentially damage the car if it breaks any moment.

Depending on how bent the car key is, it could be only a matter of time before it completely breaks.

The real risk is if the key would break inside of the car door itself.

If this happens, you might have a bigger problem on your hands.

If this has already happened, however, do not worry.

Auto Run Locksmith has auto locksmith that are skilled in these particular issues.

We can not only give you a duplicate key but also fix your car door.

Our car locksmith are trained at not only duplication but also some really technical repairs.

Since the two are related, we’ll assess where the problem really is and how we can remedy it.

Crooked keys are basically a sign of the metal becoming weaker and it might only be a matter of time before it completely breaks.

Keys aren’t meant to be flexible.

If your keys are crooked, it might be a good idea to get them duplicated before more damage happens.

Of course, you might get away with a crooked key.

However, the risk is quite big and totally not worth it.

Call Auto Run Locksmith for emergencies or if you just want your key duplicated.

Always have a duplicate key somewhere just in case.

While most people only duplicate their keys during emergencies, you can do so as soon as possible.

Having a duplicate key saves you the hassle of losing your keys or them breaking.

Since you have a spare key on hand, you can use your spare key before actually getting the problem fixed.

Our mobile locksmith are trained to handle any situation no matter how awkward it might be.

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